June 12th, 2013

Track for the Day/Week/Whenever (No 1)

So this is the first ever TFTDWW (huh?). Basically, during the day we take a rest from counting all the piles of money we have made that day to listen to the odd new track. Some come from submissions to the label andsome are found trawling Bandcamp, Amazing Tunes and Soundcloud. Basically, we’ll try and update a track a day…..or a track a week……oh heck, probably just whenever! Most of the artists we know very little about but because we can afford to sign about one artist a millennium, it’s nice to at least do our part in getting good music heard by a wider audience. So here goes. This is a track Amazing Tunes introduced to us and it’s by Ben Hoo and is the title track from his new album, ‘Collected’ released 5th June Beatport / 8th July 2013 all other stores (Kindisch). Hypnotic! Published by Mick 12th June 2013

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