March 19th, 2013

Skint & Demoralised reveal new b-side, “The Queen Of Chelsea”

You only have 6 more days to wait until the release of Skint & Demoralised‘s brand new single, “Breakfast At Sylvia’s”. And it’s probably about time that we shared the single’s b-side, “The Queen Of Chelsea”. It’s a very special song, with a very special meaning for the band. I urge you all to read the story behind the song, and then give it a spin in the player below.

“It’s a very simple and playful and charming song about a carefree and fun loving individual, and the intention always was that at face value, the listener would never really feel the need to dig beneath the surface. It’s catchy and is hopefully quite easy on the ear, and that’s pretty much all there is to it. And there’s quite a significant reason for that. The song is inspired by, and I guess in many ways is a tribute to, an incredible woman called Tracey Wilkinson”.


The new single “Breakfast At Sylvia’s” is released digitally on Monday 25th March.
The new album “The Bit Between The Teeth” is released digitally on Monday 8th April.

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