March 12th, 2013

pre SXSW – 12th March

A missive from Mick at SXSW

So the plan is to get absolutely rat arsed as soon as I arrive in Austin and completely forget about any artists I see. The plan seems to be shaping up well because as I write this, I am stealing every bit of alcohol British Airways will give me on the way to Dallas. The majors up there in front in the First cabin are wondering where all the bloody Cristal is, ‘hey guys, we’ve stolen it all back here and it’s on your tab’

And here I must steal a plan from an incredibly wise and talented young booking agent, one Jason Edwards at 13,100,563Artists who sums up my exact plan this week I think.

SXSW plan
10-11AM Wake up, complain about sore feet and hangover.
12PM Miss the first band you have on your schedule, have bloody mary and breakfast tacos.
1PM Find first free booze party.
3PM Realize it’s only 3PM and you’re already pissed, go find more tacos.
4PM Be underwhelmed by 1 buzz band.
5PM Decide “Oh, that band we were going to see now actually are playing loads of shows, we’ll see them another time”: drink margarita.
6-8PM Have a dinner date with 3-4 people you see every day in the UK.
9PM See 1 band you’ve seen 100 times before PLEASE NOTE you MUST be shit faced by this point.
The rest of your evening should be spent shouting “AHHH I LOVE AUSTIN! I COULD LIVE HERE! SXSW IS DA BEZZZZTTEST” in between tequila shots and seeing bands that you had no intention of seeing.

Don’t worry, Huw, just got into town and I’ll be along to your showcase at the British Music Embassy tonight, just line up those free beers ready for me…..

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