Heist Or Hit started in the mind of a man named Mick after he kept finding great bands and wanting to know why no-one else was going to do anything about it. I’m guessing that’s how a lot of labels start. Anyway, Mick decided to start helping a couple of bands with whatever resources he had and then an idea started to grow. Why wait to help these bands find a label when he could start his own label.

But not in a traditional way, why not base it on the principles of his favourite label, Factory Records and start something focused totally on the music and the bands involved. I’m sure many have had these moments just past closing time in their favourite pub but Mick actually did it.

“DIY Label of the Week”… Huw Stephens, Radio 1

The first two bands he chose to help were LoveLikeFire and The Answering Machine. From different sides of the world and making quite different music but both worthy of investment from Heist Or Hit. Since then the roster has grown to include Cincinati band Pomegranates, Bournemouth based Rapids and a limited 7″ from Sheffield’s The Crookes. In April 2010 the label had the privilege of being featured as “DIY label of the week” on Huw Stephens Radio 1 show. It’s probably about now we explain Heist Or Hit is in reference to a David Bowie song, it’s certainly not Dave’s finest moment but we like the name anyway.


We at Heist realise that sometimes, fans of bands on our roster are so eager to hear new releases that they download the music from unofficial sources before the official release. Hey, we are not angels, we even find ourselves doing that from time to time so we are not criticising those who do. However if we find ourselves doing this, we will always follow up by buying an official copy of the single or album at a later stage; our moral code just doesn’t allow us any other course of action.

But we realise that times are tough for all of us. We are indeed a struggling indie label not some faceless major label where even the tea lady has an expense account. The only reason we set up this label was to give our bands a career; not one of private jets and Cristal, just so they make enough money to be able to have a basic living and continue to bring their fans the music they love.

Therefore, if you have downloaded a copy of any of our artists’ music from any unofficial site where you did not have to pay for it, we would just ask you to stop for a second and consider two options. Firstly, you could consider buying a copy of the official single, album etc via the Heist shop at HERE.

Secondly, you could use one of the donate buttons on the left to donate whatever amount you feel is fair knowing that this money will go to the band concerned.

We promise that if you take one of the two options above, you will get a warm fuzzy feeling inside and perhaps even save the world. To make a donation use the relevant links to the right.

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